The Catalogue

The catalogue provides information for each MILES star, as well as an individual link to its corresponding FITS spectrum. The last column of the table shows those stars in common with the Ca II triplet stellar library (indicated by their corresponding ID number in that library).

MILES numbers stars are assigned by the increasing RA(J2000). Spectral types and atmospheric parameters (Teff, logg and [Fe/H]) are those given in the Paper II of the MILES series (see papers). Stars in common with other optical stellar libraries are indicated in the "Libraries" column with the following codes: "L" (Lick/IDS; Gorgas et al. 1993, Worthey et al. 1994), "J" (Jones 1997), "S" (STELIB; Le Borgne et al. 2003), "E" (ELODIE; Prugniel & Soubiran 2004) and "I" (INDO-US; Valdes et al. 2004).

An ASCII version of the catalogue can be downloaded from here.

[f] = Field;  [c] = Cluster

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Name RA Dec E(B-V) SpT Teff logg [Fe/H] Vmag Libs CaT #
HD003360 [f] 00:36:58.3+53:53:48.80.043B2IV211703.920.123.666I E0
HD003567 [f] 00:38:32-08:18:33.40F5V59173.96-1.329.26L E166
HD003546 [f] 00:38:33.3+29:18:42.50G5III49422.73-0.664.37L I E165
HD003574 [f] 00:39:09.9+49:21:16.60.048K5III38301.44-0.015.450
HD003651 [f] 00:39:21.8+21:15:01.80.084K0V53964.61-0.155.8L E167
HD003795 [f] 00:40:32.8-23:48:17.60.01G3/G5V53553.88-0.316.140
HD003883 [f] 00:41:36+24:37:44.40.017A7m77773.650.486.061E0
HD004307 [f] 00:45:28.7-12:52:50.90G0V57274.07-0.256.15L J I E168
HD004395 [f] 00:46:13.8-11:27:08.60.076G556703.45-0.317.7I E0
HD004539 [f] 00:47:29.2+09:58:55.70.008A252005.40.1610.290
HD004628 [f] 00:48:23+05:16:50.20.001K2V49604.6-0.295.75L E170
HD004656 [f] 00:48:40.9+07:35:06.30K5III39121.45-0.144.439L171
HD004744 [f] 00:49:52.8+30:27:01.10.01G8IV45412.47-0.557.61J I0
HD004906 [f] 00:51:14+18:47:25.10.028G050683.47-0.848.760
NGC288-77 [c] 00:52:58.4-26:36:06.10.0342180.89-1.0713.080
HD005268 [f] 00:54:17.6-08:44:26.40G5IV49413.95-0.46.1620
HD005384 [f] 00:55:42.4-07:20:49.70.012K5III39501.6605.8830
HD005395 [f] 00:56:39.9+59:10:520G8III-IV47972.55-0.74.632L J I E172
HD005780 [f] 00:59:23.3+00:46:43.60K5II-III38481.07-0.77.650
HD005916 [f] 01:01:19+45:27:07.60G8III-IV48632.5-0.86.874I E0